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16.06.2009 New Windows Package for Warclient 0.10.5

Woodswolf has created a new exe installer package for the latest version in the warclient repository (r1612). There have been quite a few bug fixes since the last windows release and many new experimental features. If you are on windows I suggest you download it and give it a try.

- book

15.3.2009 Warclient 0.10.4 RPM Package

An updated linux binary package for the latest warclient version has been made by hlingler. It can be found in the gna download directory.

- book

22.2.2009 New warclient release: 0.10.4

Pepeto and woodswolf have been working on fixing bugs and cleaning up some client features so that now a new warclient version can be released. Get the new sources from svn or install one of woodswolf's binary packages for windows or debian.

This might be the last official release for the warclient project, since I am busy now porting code from warclient to freeciv 2.1 and the future 2.2. Hopefully in the very near future warclient can merge with freeciv proper and we can all be a one big happy family again. :D

- book

1.9.2008 Warclient 0.10.2 Released!

A new warclient version along with win32 binary packages is now availble. This release has included updates and bug fixes from Freeciv 2.0.10 (well, the good ones; not team pooled research haha) along with many warclient specific bug fixes and some new experimental features:

  • Asynchronous trade route calculation on both linux and windows (client).
  • New /attach and /unstart commands (server).

Furthermore, in the latest development version (not in this release, still being tested), there is:

  • Improved global observer support (server).
  • Server-side rally points (server).
  • Re-implemented and improved air patrol (client and server).

Most of the credit goes to pepeto and woodswolf who implemented a large part of the experimental features and worked on the windows specific code, respectively.

There is a small chance that there might be some small incompatibilities between old servers and new clients (or vice versa), so if you spot any wierdness be sure to report it in the forums so that it can be fixed. ;)

- book

20.7.2008 Windows Package Updated

Woodswolf's win32 binary installer package has been updated to Freeciv version 2.0.10 warclient 0.10.1 (SVN revision 1242). Get it from the GNA download page and enjoy. :)

- book

28.6.2008 Fedora RPM Binary Package

Hlinger has made a warclient/warserver RPM package for Fedora Linux (i386) which I have uploaded to the project's download site:


If you try out the package and have any problems or suggestions, be sure to let hlinger know on the forums.

- book

7.6.2008 Windows Binary Package Updated

Some long-standing bugs have finally been fixed in this update, namely the gtk-win32 window maximizing bug and the pepsetting traderoute crashing bug. If anyone finds any other problems, or has some feature requests, post them in the forum.

Windows users download here and enjoy. :)

- book

24.5.2008 Latest Warclient Win32 Binary Package

Woodswolf has created a windows package of the latest warclient version in SVN. You can download it here.

- book

26.3.2008 Warclient 0.9.10 Released!

Lots of bugs have been fixed and some small but useful features added. Get it from svn (see the download link) or if you are a masochistic windows user you can wait a few days for binaries to be created. ;)

I would suggest that server operators upgrade as soon as possible since there have been many fixes to the ranking system (e.g. team rating inflation should no longer occur now), among other things.

Note that from now on an even build number (i.e. the last number in the version string) indicates a "stable" release, whereas an odd number indicates a development version.

- book

20.2.2008 0.9.8 Binary/Tarball Available

Woodswolf has been kind enough to make a binary package for 0.9.8 for Windows users and a source tarball for those that cannot use svn. If you use these packages, be sure to thank him when you see him. ;)

- book

17.2.2008 New Warclient Release 0.9.8!

After an inordinately long wait, a reasonably "stable" state has been achieved for warclient/warserver. This release includes many important bug fixes and feature additions; players and warserver operators are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Note that from now on the distinction between warclient/warserver/pepclient/pepserver is no longer necessary, they have all been merged into the same codebase!

Please post any bug reports or comments you may have on the forum.

- book

17.2.2008 New Management

Since yaro has moved on to better things, I have agreed to take over maintaining this site. Well, at least until we are merged with Freeciv proper. ;)

- book

1.3.2007 Development warclient/warserver 0.9.1

Warclient has been merged into Freeciv 2.0.9, therefore minor version has been upgraded to 9.

Latest warclient and warserver development revisions are available as always from the forum.

Try warclient 0.9.1 devel
and warserver 0.9.1 devel

Remember, for warclient you need to download glib and possibly some other libraries from the download section or it won't work properly. Revision number isn't shown in the client, only in the forum.

18.1.2007 Development warclient/warserver 0.8.13

Latest warclient and warserver development revisions are available from the forum.

Try warclient 0.8.13 devel
and warserver 0.8.13 devel

Remember, for warclient you need to download glib and possibly some other libraries from the download section or it won't work properly. Revision number isn't shown in the client, only in the forum.

22.10.2006 Warclient/warserver 0.8.12 released

- numerous GUI fixes
- simple resizable chat/message window split (optional)
- chat links
- middle click shows native coordinates, useful for editing maps with simple text editor
- delayed goto messages are printed only once
- improved freeciv logging
- metamessage command now says who used it and without argument it prints the current metamessage string
- start command only notifies everyone once (no more spamming)
- new access level "observer" which is given to observers. They can issue even less commands than regular players. No more exploits by observers. If a regular player starts observing, his old access level is remembered, and when he stops observing (detach, take) then it's restored. The exceptions are players with admin or better access level, who retain it even when observing.
- access level "info" renamed to "basic"
- fix for trademindist and CMA confusion with warserver
style traderoutes
- optional "extroutes" capability for warclients and
warservers. If a client has this capability, the
server will send a packet_traderoute_info to the
client which will be used to change the value of
trademindist, traderevenuepct, traderevenuestyle
and caravanbonusstyle on the client.
- default value for traderoute related settings
is now the standard freeciv value (for compatibility
with regular clients). If these settings are changed
to a non-default value and there are clients without
the "extroutes" capability connected as players, a
warning is printed.
- fixed the "turns until discovery" in science dialog
for team games
- incorported empty's username-in-popit idea
- a marker is now drawn for chat links. It lives for 2
turns then disappears. If the link is clicked the marker
is again redrawn.
- chat link insertion shortcut is now ctrl-alt-right mouse
button, to stop people with two button mice from crying.
- city link format is now @F<id>"<name>" so that people
without chat links don't cry that they can't understand
@I<id> links.
- scrolling of the chat window is now controlled by a
toggle button "Auto Scroll" that if enabled will automatically
scroll the chat window whenever text is inserted.
- cities with empty names (or names consisting of only
white space), are disallowed by the server.
- added /ignore, /unignore commands (read help)
- optional continental team placement - puts teammates on the same continent
- removed duplicate "(server prompt)" message.
- network status bar works again; it will show
results of metaserver query.

24.9.2006 Warserver 0.8.10a released

- no more ready bug
- authorization database configuration without recompiling server
- list sub command "teams" that lists the teams, number of players in each team, and the names of the players in each team (players not in a team are listed as "Unassigned")
- teamplacement brute force algorithm fixed, this algorithm is used if the number of players is less than 13
- custom maps support from kasei. Starting positions are fixed, but nation placement is random unlike in saved games. Any nations can be used.
- /showmaplist shows custom maps, /loadmap loads a map, /unloadmap unloads current custom map
- reverse hostname lookups are done asynchronously for newly connecting players by new async DNS code.
- non blocking sockets functional for future use with glib 2.12.3
- improved access control - action patterns may now contain wildcards similarly to the unix glob function (e.g. 67.54.* or *.com). Actions may test against username, hostname or address. /addaction command to add a general action. /delaction command to remove an action. /ban and /unban still work as expected, but also benefit from
the new changes. /list actions now requires at least admin access. Old action list files can be used without modification.
- server exits cleanly on receiving SIGQUIT
- command line switch -n or --no-dns-lookup prevents hostname lookup on new connections
- hack level command /dnslookup [on|off] turns hostname lookup
on or off.
- all chat messages (public, private, allies) are echoed in the server console
- hack level command /authdb that controls all server
authentication parameters (read help for full list).
- authentication can now be turned on/off or parameters changed
(e.g. db host, username, or password) without having to recompile.
- ready bug fixed
- new server settings: - traderevenuestyle (renamed from caravanrevenuestyle), caravanbonusstyle (split from caravanrevenuestyle), trademindist (min distance for trade routes is greater than this number), futuretechsscore (whether future techs give score), trade revenue percentage (how much you get from a trade route)
- new type of trade routes - civ2 trade routes
- improved logging system, prints level, file, line number and function name

24.9.2006 Warclient 0.8.10a released

- asynchronous DNS and asynchronous metaserver list requesting. This requires patched glib 2.12.3 from this website for windows client.
- pressing "b" while cities are selected will buy the production in the selected cities
- the time is printed before each message
- adds a button in the city dialog production tab "clear
worklist" (beside the "add global worklist" button) that
when clicked erases all but the first entry in the city's
worklist. This button is also present on F1 screen.
- menu entry in government menu that clears worklists in all selected cities (shortcut ctrl-w)
- shows the game turn beside the year on the main info label, and a shows the metaserver pane before the lan pane during server connect.
- F9 through F12 now select delayed goto mode
- shows players on server in network page
- colored chat, matching can be configured in game->chat options
- new button in F1 screen which arranges workers
- science progress bar fix
- city dialog unit present frame fix, unit HP bar wouldn't be visible if there were too many units
- chat links for map position and city position via alt+middleclick
- city autonaming, names of selected cities can be changed by pressing ctrl+n several times. The city name mask can be set in local options.
- r sets rally points for selected cities, shift + r clears rally points for selected cities
- new view menu option: draw city production buy cost, the cost to buy the current production is drawn beside the "turns to build" on the production line below the city name (default off).

16.9.2006 New SVN repository

- the main SVN repository will be svn://
- old repository won't be updated. The reason for change was slow speed of OpenSVN host.

16.9.2006 Warserver/Warclient merged

- Warserver 0.8.10a devel and Warclient 0.8.7a devel have been merged into one source to simplify maintenance. They are available from "2.0-testing" branch or unstable trunk. Currently triremes don't sink there, but this will be fixed before they are both released as version 0.8.10a.

1.8.2006 Warserver 0.8.9d released

- 0.8.9c contained a bug, when it wasn't possible to load a saved game, fixed
- "noname" player bug fixed
- includes book's authdb patch for configuring database without recompiling the server

29.7.2006 Warserver 0.8.9c released

- fixes bug in standard server when players would be ready even if they didn't press start and have their team assigned.

28.7.2006 Warserver 0.8.9b released

- fixes 2 bugs in 0.8.9a, players could steal tech from allies and fighters got defence bonus from terrain

26.7.2006 Warserver 0.8.9a released

- allowtake O3o3 now works properly
- server console shows time before output
- welcome message loadable from file using special command /wfile, /wmessage sets it from console
- /remove requires admin privileges, and can remove players even in the middle of game
- /list shows nations in pre-game, to differentiate between users who didn't select nation
- when player does /start, server prints his name, to prevent spamming from unknown players
- /list connections now also shows IPs
- /maxconnections limits the maximum number of connections allowed to the server - to prevent new players from comming
- loading and saving games requires only ctrl level
- action list enabling server host to ban players by IP or hostname and give certain IPs higher access level. New commands /ban, /unban, /loadactionlist, /saveactionlist, /clearactionlist.

Thanks to book for suplying patches.

16.7.2006 Warclient 0.8.6d released

Includes these paches from book:
- ctrl + T toggles trade routes. They are shown as green lines interconnecting cities having trade routes. The number of filled/total trade routes is shown next to city
- allows adding cities to source airift queue by selecting cities with right mouse button and pressing shift+Z

15.7.2006 Warserver 0.8.8a released

- experimental bribing cost settings. Cost doesn't depend on player government, distance from capital or gold reserve, but depends on unit cost, veteran level, defence bonus (from terrain, fort), fortification
- players can't steal technology from allied players
- when conquering or stealing technology, first free technology from ruleset is stolen. If technologies in ruleset are ordered from worst to best, then worst technology is always stolen first.
- observer player isn't created when global observer is not allowed
- ships and air units don't get defence bonus from terrain
- chance of success of bribing enemy unit depends on diplchance
- if inciting revolt or bribing fails after defending diplomats have been killed, diplomat is caught with the gold and gold is transfered to the defending player
- firstlevel command is disabled

30.6.2006 Warclient 0.8.6c released

- enables diplomats to bribe stacks if server allows it
- adds autoattack mass order

30.6.2006 Warserver 0.8.7a released

- new server options - improved autoattack, stack bribing
- units put into autoattack mode attack enemy units immediately
- better autoattack code, units attack only if there is at least 50% win chance taking into account all factors
- a very old bug fixed thanks to Valgrind which caused small part of memory to be overwritten

24.6.2006 Warserver 0.8.6a released

- improved auto attack engaging units even in the middle of turn. Units can be put into auto attack mode even outside cities.

24.6.2006 Warclient 0.8.6b released

- fully supports warserver 0.8.6a auto attack. Without this client players can't fully use improved auto attack.

24.6.2006 Discussion forum added

New discussion forum has been installed and is accessible from the main menu.

16.6.2006 Warserver 0.8.5a released

- adds lots of new server settings :
+ disable gold, technology, city trading
+ disable airlifting into allied cities
+ disable team placement - placing team mates close
+ disable global warming and nuclear winter
+ disable slow invasions
+ enable tech leakage from other civs
+ enable experimental caravan revenue style
+ disable kill stack

All this settings is accessible through internal game options in both standard client and warclient.

8.5.2006 Warserver 0.8.4a released

- places team players on nearby islands

6.5.2006 Warclient 0.8.6a released

- allows player to limit the number of executed delayed orders after pressing y in unit limit menu. It can be set to 2, 5, 10 and unlimited.

6.5.2006 Warclient on svn

- from now on, you can download Freeciv warclient and warserver source code from using Tortoisesvn in Windows

1.5.2006 Warclient 0.8.5b released

- removed citydlg.c, as it provided looking into allied cities which was never 100% stable and could cause instability.

The aim of this build is to provide a stable release, not to add any features.

22.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.5a released

- adds delayed airlift

21.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.4b released

- fixed a bug that caused linux and windows warclients to crash sometimes

20.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.4a released

- looking into allied cities has been removed as it probably caused crashes. It has never been 100% stable
- filter menu now contains radio items instead of check items

17.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.3e released

- another fully recompiled 0.8.3 build, bugtest removed, trying to fix a bug when client crashes

17.4.2006 Warserver 0.8.3b released

- pooled team research is off
- players don't get score for future techs to promote wars
- looking into allied cities feature removed, it caused instability

14.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.3d released

- autodiplomats should be actually performing the selected action now

9.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.3c released

- adds autodiplomats
- adds autocaravans
- mass orders now support loading units on ships and help building wonder for caravans located in a city
- new inclusive and exclusive filters for delayed goto and mass orders

8.4.2006 Warserver 0.8.2b released

- changes in voting system - a vote is passed if majority of people vote and more people vote yes than no. The only exception is endgame vote which needs unanimous majority.
- when a vote is passed or rejected, server prints names of players and their votes (yes/no)

1.4.2006 Warclient 0.8.2d released

- bug in standard client which caused game data structures to become corrupted has been fixed (hopefully)
- bugtest shouldn't show anything wrong unless there is another bug somewhere else. Windows client shouldn't crash anymore during attack.

31.3.2006 Warclient 0.8.2c released

- attempt to fix a bug in standard client when players leave during pre-game

30.3.2006 Warclient 0.8.2b released

- adds following mass orders: build_airbase, auto_explore, clean_fallout, fortify, build_fortress, irrigate, build_mine, pillage, clean_pollution, sentry, terraform (transform)

30.3.2006 Warserver 0.8.1b released

- fixes a bug in previous warserver which didn't send city packets to clients resulting in warclient users not being able to see what's going on in allied cities. City status is always one turn behind.

25.3.2006 Warclient 0.8.1b released

- adds patrol for air units
- allows paratroopers to be paradropped with delayed goto, also allows nukes to attack airplanes with delayed goto
- fixed bug in warclient that caused it to crash on some linux machines (thanks to gilles)

24.3.2006 Warserver 0.8.0b released

Warserver is a separate package since 0.8.0b. It is different from warclient server. It is basically warclient without client files + some server tweaks:

+ it allows 2.0.7 airlifting behaviour
+ it allows looking into allied cities
+ it allows airlifting into allied cities
+ makes barbarians and observers playable nations
+ has mintimeout 30 patch applied
+ sets popular initial server settings (like cccwwwxxx)

In other aspects it's identical to standard 2.0.8 server. Triremes sink on warserver, while they don't on warclient server.

23.3.2006 Warclient 0.8.0b released

- enables 2.0.7 airlifting behaviour in 2.0.8 server and client
- allows looking into allied cities if playing on warserver 0.8.0b
- allows airlifting into allied cities on warserver 0.8.0b

Warclient 0.7.1b released

- timeout counter bug fixed in standard client when turns ended with 10 seconds remaining

Warclient 0.7b released

- airlift supports more unit types
- delayed goto can select all units of a certain type on the same continent

Warclient 0.6b released

- first public release
- delayed goto supports additional mode of moving all units on a certain tile
- airlifting is automated. Player can select cities he wants to airlift from, unit type and then repeatedly airlift units to a destination city.

Warclient 0.5b released

- minor modification to delayed goto - it supports 2 modes now
1) standard mode where only the selected unit will be added to the goto queue
2) alternative mode where all units of the same type as selected unit on the same tile will be added to the goto queue.

Warclient 0.4b released

- disabling auto wake-up now works properly. When disabled, it possible now to wake up sentried units from the client but not from the server. Client automatically resentries units activated from server.

Warclient 0.3b released

- adds capability to disable auto wake-up of sentried units when enemy unit is spotted.
- client thinks it can issue orders which gives observers more information to spy on. Observers cannot control the player, this is secured on the server side. Using minor server code modification, it is possible to allow observers to control the player they are observing (this feature was found to be annoying and was disabled in 0.8.x clients)

Warclient 0.2b released

- client shows barbarian AI players in players report
- enables player to select barbarian and observer nation from the select nation dialog
- server modification enabling clients to select barbarian and observer nation

Warclient 0.1b released

- client supports delayed goto
- client enables goto for triremes into dangerous waters. Side effect is that sea is no longer dangerous for triremes if the game is started from a server compiled using warclient code.
- enables goto for units into dangerous terrain (like glacier)